Joseph Michael Corbett 

Age: 53

Main Instrument: His Hands.

​Other Instruments: Drill, Hammer, Knife, Sandpaper, lathe, angle grinder, sawzall, radial arm saw, bench grinder, ect.. ect..

Profession: Mechanical Contracting, Tool-making, Guitar making, machining, manufacturing, inventing, HVAC.

Other Study: Web design, costume and theater.

Joseph Michael Corbett II

Age 29

Main Instrument: Guitar

​Other Instruments: Piano, Bass, Voice, electronic.

Profession: Music, Music production, Instruction, Guitar specialist, Repairs, Wiring, Spec, and Calibration. Manager at Fiddly diddly hand crafted Instruments and Cabinets.

Other Study: Woodworking, Tool-making, Video game design, Programming, Web design, 3d Modeling, 3d print and CNC, Composite, Image Editing, Animation, Rendering, and Typography.